Essie would do anything for her kingdom…even marry an elf she just met that morning.

When a diplomatic meeting goes horribly wrong, Essie, a human princess, finds herself married to the elf prince and warrior Laesornysh. Fitting in to the serene, quiet elf culture might be a little difficult for this talkative princess, but she’s determined to make it work.

With impending war and tenuous alliances, it will be up to Essie to unite her two peoples. And maybe get her hands on elven conditioner while she’s at it.

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Marriage to an elf is complicated…especially bringing him home to meet the family.

Princess Elspeth of Escarland married the elf prince and achieved peace between the elves and her human people. But after a recent ambush by the trolls, it is clear the trolls are trying to start a war between the elves and humans once again. To keep their peoples at peace, Essie and Farrendel travel to meet Essie’s family and negotiate a stronger alliance.

Yet in Escarland, not everyone is happy with peace. Traitors lurk in both Escarland and Tarenhiel, and it will be up to Essie and Farrendel to flush them out. The consequences of failure might be more personal and deadly than they can imagine.

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Essie should be planning her happily ever after, not planning a war.

Although they once were enemies, the humans of Escarland and the elves of Tarenhiel have allied to fight the trolls from the far north. But alliances are tricky things even in the best of times, and with Farrendel, the elves’ foremost warrior and Essie’s husband, captured by the trolls, the circumstances appear dire indeed.

But Essie won’t give up, and she will make her two peoples work together to fight this war if it’s the last thing she does. One way or another, she will get Farrendel back, no matter what it takes.

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Troll Queen

Essie has her elf back…but his mind is still stuck in that dungeon.

The war is over. A peace treaty with the trolls has been signed. But not everyone in Kostaria is happy with peace. Will a marriage alliance be strong enough to avert a coup against the new troll king?

Release date: March 19, 2021

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Elf Prince

Farrendel would do anything to keep from killing again…even marry a human princess.

Farrendel Laesornysh, the younger elf prince of Tarenhiel, has become the elves’ foremost warrior. He is no stranger to killing. But when the humans propose a marriage alliance during a diplomatic meeting, he is desperate enough to avoid more killing to agree. Even if, as the elven saying goes, never trust a human bargain. 

Will this marriage alliance bring peace? Or is it a trap? 

This short novella overlaps with the events of book 1 Fierce Heart, giving Farrendel’s perspective on the events. It is available free for signing up for the author’s newsletter.