Court of Midsummer Mayhem

An upcoming fae romantic fantasy standalone series inspired by the Scarlet Pimpernel and various Shakespeare plays (though you don’t have to have read Shakespeare to enjoy them!). Stolen Midsummer Bride and Bluebeard and the Outlaw are both standalone prequels (both are currently released).

Steal a Swordmaiden’s Heart (Prequel)

A Swordmaiden’s Hand is Not Easily Won

Theseus, king of the Court of Knowledge, is desperate. With the barrier to the Realm of Monsters wearing thin and the chaos of Midsummer Night approaching, he needs to do something drastic to save his Court. If he doesn’t secure warriors to protect his Court from the monsters, his people, the Great Library, and all the knowledge of the Fae Realm that it contains could be destroyed.

That leaves him with the choice to either bargain with another Court and hope the price isn’t too steep or face the deadly trials and attempt to win the hand of Queen Hippolyta of the Court of Swordmaidens, a court of mysterious warrior women.

Marriage seems like the better option, but the trials prove to be trickier than Theseus feared. Even worse, he finds himself drawn to Ariadne, the serving maid, instead of the cold-hearted Queen Hippolyta. Will he have to chose between his heart and saving his Court?

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Stolen Midsummer Bride (Prequel)

Steal a bride. Save the library. Try not to die.

Basil, a rather scholarly fae, works as an assistant librarian at the Great Library of the Court of Knowledge. Lonely and unwilling to join the yearly Midsummer Revel to find a mate, Basil takes the advice of his talking horse companion and decides to steal a human bride instead.

But Basil never expected to find a human girl waiting for him, wanting to be snatched. Nor had he expected a girl like Meg, an illiterate farmgirl who has no use for books.

With the barrier with the Realm of Monsters wearing thin and the chaos of Midsummer Night about to descend, will this unlikely pair put aside their differences long enough to save the Great Library from destruction? And maybe find a spark of love along the way?

From Tara Grayce, the author of the bestselling ELVEN ALLIANCE series, comes a new fae romantic fantasy inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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Bluebeard and the Outlaw (Prequel)

Marriage: the ultimate heist.

Robin of the Greenwood spends her days robbing from the rich to feed the poor. With her knowledge of the fae paths, she eludes all attempts to capture her. But she and her merry band of brothers never seem to get anywhere. The more she steals, the more the evil Duke Guy “Bluebeard” taxes the villagers.

When Robin discovers that Duke Guy plans to marry yet again, she conceives a plan for a final, big score. As Guy’s wife, she will have access to his wealth. The lord is notorious for killing his wives shortly after he marries them, but Robin has no plans to be dead wife number four.

The only problem is that Duke Guy is devastatingly handsome, brooding, and nothing at all what she expected. If she isn’t careful, she might just find that he steals her heart before she can rob his riches.

A fantasy retelling of the Robin Hood legends and Bluebeard fairy tale.

Bluebeard and the Outlaw is one of twelve short novels in A VILLAIN’S EVER AFTER, a collection of stand-alone stories featuring villainous twists on some of your favorite classic fairy tales. Read the series in any order for magical adventures … and fall in love with villains as you’ve never seen them before. Who said villains can’t have happily-ever-afters?

Available in Kindle ebook, Kindle Unlimited, audiobook, paperback, and an exclusive hardcover!

Forest of Scarlet (Court of Midsummer Mayhem Book 1)

The fae snatch humans as playthings to torment.
The Primrose steals them back.

Vowing that no other family would endure the same fear and pain she felt when her older sister was snatched by the fae, Brigid puts on an empty-headed façade while she rescues humans in the shadowy guise of the Primrose, hero to humans, bane to the fae. Her only regret is that she can’t tell the truth to Munch, the young man in the human realm who she’s trying very hard not to fall in love with.

Munch has a horrible nickname, an even more terrible full name, and the shadow of his heroic sister and five older brothers to overcome. It’s rough being the little brother of the notorious Robin Hood and her merry band. The highlights of his life are the brief visits by Brigid, the messenger girl for the dashing fae hero the Primrose.

When an entire village of humans is snatched by the fae in a single night, Munch jumps at the chance to go to the Fae Realm, pass a message to Brigid and through her to the Primrose, and finally get his chance to be a hero just like all his older siblings.

But the Fae Realm is a dangerous place, especially for a human unbound to a fae or court like Munch. One wrong decision could spell disaster for Munch, Brigid, and the Primrose.

Will this stolen bride’s sister and Robin Hood’s brother reveal the truth of their hearts before the Fae Realm snatches hope away from them forever?

Loosely inspired by The Scarlet PimpernelForest of Scarlet is book one in a new fantasy romance / fantasy romantic comedy series of standalones featuring magic libraries, a whimsical and deadly fae realm, and crazy fae hijinks by bestselling author Tara Grayce!

More Information on Book Two coming soon!