Coming Soon!

March 19 – Troll Queen (Elven Alliance Book 4)

May 21 – Stolen Midsummer Bride

This novella is going to be part of a collection with several authors featuring stories with fae and stolen brides (think Hades and Persephone, for an example). The collection has authors who write everything from clean to more steamy, though for the collection the line has been drawn at “fade to black.” Each book will be completely standalone and this series will be able to be read in any order.

More information on the participating authors, covers, etc. will all be coming soon. But, for now, I can start telling you guys that this exists!

My story is about a geeky librarian fae in the Court of Knowledge who decides it sounds easier to just steal a human bride rather than join the chaotic Midsummer Night Revel where most fae in the surrounding courts find their mates (yes, this has A Midsummer Night’s Dream references, but it isn’t a direct retelling, per se). Of course, he ends up with a whole bunch of chaos himself when his human bride doesn’t know how to read and doesn’t care much for book learning. Oh, and did I mention there is a magic library, a talking pony, and bookwyrms???

I’m planning for this book to be a back door pilot to my wider fae world that will feature in my next series after the Elven Alliance series wraps up. So if you want a glimpse into that world, this novella will be a great way to get a peek without a large commitment.

July 31 – Bluebeard and the Outlaw

This is another novella in yet another author collaboration, this one a series of fairy tale retellings where the traditional villain in the story gets the happily ever after. All of the authors in this collection write clean. All of the stories will be standalones and will be able to be read in any order. Once again, more info and covers and stuff will be coming.

My novella is a mash up of the Robin Hood legends and the Bluebeard fairy tale. My genderswapped Robin decides marrying the bloodthirsty Bluebeard will be the ultimate heist…if her new husband doesn’t kill her before she has a chance to rob him blind.

If you haven’t heard of Bluebeard, go read this summary of it. It’s horrifyingly bloody (as many of the non-Disneyfied fairy tales are), and I’ve set myself up for a challenge to turn this into a healthy romance!

September or later – Elven Alliance Book 5

Yes, more Elven Alliance is coming after Troll Queen! Right now, Book 5 is planned to be the final book in the series. It will feature Edmund and Jalissa’s story as well as wrap up Farrendel and Essie’s romance. A cover reveal and more info are coming!

I’m already enjoying brainstorming this story. Edmund, the spy prince, has a LOT to share, and I’m really excited to peal back the layers of mystery surrounding him to show you what he has REALLY been up to all this time…