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Farrendel would do anything to keep from killing again…even marry a human princess.

Farrendel Laesornysh, the younger elf prince of Tarenhiel, has become the elves’ foremost warrior. He is no stranger to killing. But when the humans propose a marriage alliance during a diplomatic meeting, he is desperate enough to avoid more killing to agree. Even if, as the elven saying goes, never trust a human bargain. 

Will this marriage alliance bring peace? Or is it a trap? 

This short novella overlaps with the events of book 1 Fierce Heart, giving Farrendel’s perspective on the events. 

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About the Novella:

In a magical version of Regency England, scandals abound, especially the magical kind. 

Rosalie Klampton is the daughter of a naval admiral. Her father has never been right after his head wound during the battle of Trafalgar, and only Rosie’s determination has kept her family together and out of the poor house. 

When her father tears down the ugly rose draperies in the country house owned by the elusive earl of Warnwick, Rosie finds herself in service to the earl. He has his own problems, mainly the spell turning him into a beast, the fact that all the magical scholars in England haven’t figured out a way to break the spell, and the scandal being a beast has caused. 

It will be up to Rosie to help Lord Warnwick navigate the social Season and evade whoever put the spell on him in the first place. Between the scandals and the French spies, working for an earl-turned-beast may be the least of Rosie’s worries.