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My Freebies!

Torn Curtains

In a magical version of Regency England, scandals abound, especially the magical kind. 

Rosalie Klampton is the daughter of a naval admiral. Her father has never been right after his head wound during the battle of Trafalgar, and only Rosie’s determination has kept her family together and out of the poor house. 

When her father tears down the ugly rose draperies in the country house owned by the elusive earl of Warnwick, Rosie finds herself in service to the earl. He has his own problems, mainly the spell turning him into a beast, the fact that all the magical scholars in England haven’t figured out a way to break the spell, and the scandal being a beast has caused. 

It will be up to Rosie to help Lord Warnwick navigate the social Season and evade whoever put the spell on him in the first place. Between the scandals and the French spies, working for an earl-turned-beast may be the least of Rosie’s worries.

Steal a Swordmaiden’s Heart

A Swordmaiden’s Hand is Not Easily Won

Theseus, king of the Court of Knowledge, is desperate. With the barrier to the Realm of Monsters wearing thin and the chaos of Midsummer Night approaching, he needs to do something drastic to save his Court. If he doesn’t secure warriors to protect his Court from the monsters, his people, the Great Library, and all the knowledge of the Fae Realm that it contains could be destroyed. 

That leaves him with the choice to either bargain with another Court and hope the price isn’t too steep or face the deadly trials and attempt to win the hand of Queen Hippolyta of the Court of Swordmaidens, a court of mysterious warrior women. 

Marriage seems like the better option, but the trials prove to be trickier than Theseus feared. Even worse, he finds himself drawn to Ariadne, the serving maid, instead of the cold-hearted Queen Hippolyta. Will he have to chose between his heart and saving his Court?