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A stolen bride’s sister. Robin Hood’s little brother. A mission to fight the fae.

In a magical version of Regency England, scandals abound, especially the magical kind. 

In order to save the precious Great Library, the librarian king must bargain for the hand of a warrior queen.

Elven Alliance Short Stories

Here are the Elven Alliance short stories! Please note that these short stories are freebies. They have not been properly proofread or edited. They exist for your enjoyment. 🙂

Brother Bonding

This short story is Weylind’s POV during Death Wind (book 3). Contains Death Wind spoilers.


This one happens between Troll Queen and Pretense, so it is safe to read if you haven’t read Pretense yet (but contains spoilers for books 1-4):

The Wager

This short story occurs during the events at the end of Pretense. Contains spoilers for books 1-5 (especially Pretense!):

NEW – Weapons Collection

This short story occurs at the end of book 6 (between 30 and 31). So it contains spoilers for Shield Band.