Welcome to the Pen name!

If you reached this page, it means you have previously been reading the books published under Tricia Mingerink.

Good news is, I’m still me! While I’m starting a new pen name (Tara Grayce) to publish books under a slightly different brand, I’m still committed to the same things. All of my Tara Grayce books will still have the same standards of cleanliness. There will never been any swear words. God’s name will never be taken in vain. There will never be any sex scenes.

The main difference is branding. Tricia Mingerink’s books will always be Christian fiction. They will always have Christian themes. They will probably have little to no magic.

Tara Grayce’s books are general market. The themes are more general, good vs. evil. There won’t be clear Christian themes (though Christian morals of what is right and wrong will still be present. Because I’m still me). There will be magic and more of an emphasis on the romance (though, the romance will still be clean and even my romances will still have plenty of action and adventure).

Tara Grayce’s books will also have more of an emphasis on humor. They might also end up with less violence because they are more focused on humor and romance than on action and adventure (though, like I said, there will still be plenty of that. I apparently can’t write a book that doesn’t feature death and destruction).

The Tara Grayce books are focused in the general market. There will probably be cross promotion with other general market authors that range from mild to steamy. I will probably not be as picky with my cross promotion for this brand as I am for my Tricia Mingerink brand. They may also range from the YA audience to adult audience, so please, if your third grader loved the Blades of Acktar, you might want to read Fierce Heart first before you hand it over. Once again, no sex scenes. But, they are a married couple and their relationship is the focus of the book.

If the new Tara Grayce branding doesn’t sound like something that will appeal to you, then feel free to stick to my other books and never visit here again. I won’t be doing cross promoting or stuff like that. The whole point of the pen name is that my readers can be confident that when they pick up a Tricia Mingerink or a Tara Grayce book, they know what they are getting.

Welcome to the new pen name! I hope you enjoy these new adventures!