War Bound Released!

For all of you who have been eagerly awaiting the release of War Bound, today is the day! It is now available as an ebook on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

I am still working on formatting the paperback and working with my cover designer for the full cover. I expect it will be up for sale in a few weeks. 

To celebrate the release, book 1 Fierce Heart is on sale for $.99 through Friday! This is a great time to check out the series if you have been waiting or to share it with a friend. 

For those of you who have already purchased War Bound, thank you! This release has been amazing, and it is all due to your love for this series! 

For those who have already finished War Bound…I’m sorry. *wince* I know. That ending. *winces again* Please know I am working to get book 3 into your hands just as soon as possible. 

Speaking of book 3…

Death Wind (Elven Alliance Book 3)

In case you haven’t seen it yet, book 3 Death Wind is now available for pre-order on Amazon! The release date is September 1. That sounds like such a long ways away, but it is actually slightly less than the gap between Fierce Heart and War Bound

I am not revealing an official blurb for Death Wind just yet since the blurb contains massive spoilers for War Bound, though a more complete book description for Death Wind can be found in the back of War Bound for those who have read that book. 

Fierce Heart Available in Audiobook!

Meanwhile, during all the busyness getting War Bound polished up for publication, Fierce Heart‘s audiobook finally finished processing and is now available on Amazon and Audible! I love how the audiobook turned out. The narrator did a wonderful job at bringing the book to life! 

Once again, thank you for making this release so amazing! I have been blown away by the support for this series! I am honored by how much many of you have connected to Farrendel and Essie, and I hope their story continues to bring a smile during these difficult times in which we currently live. 

17 thoughts on “War Bound Released!

  1. Just read War Bound like a nut, and the cliff hanger is just eating me alive. What I love about this story is how raw Farrendel is, and how much you can see he would do for Essie. And to see him change throughout the books is fantastic.

    If I could, I would suggest that to hold us over until the next book comes out….if you would be willing to send out short stories of the two of them or anyone else talked about, that would be awesome! Like Farrendel POV from book one, or Jarissa POV in book two…loveeee it when authors do that, and it gives me that little bit to binge while waiting for the next chapter in the story.


    1. I am actually working on a freebie that is Farrendel’s POV from early in book 1. But it has been taking me longer than planned since it ended up the size of a small novella instead of a short story, lol.


      1. Hello, 1st I want to tell you I love this series, and I’m dying to read the last book and having to wait until September is torture. With that said, are you done with the editing of the story from Farrendel’s POV, personally, I don’t have an issue with the story being long and I don’t think most readers would mind. Is there any chance you will make it available soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The story from Farrendel’s POV is actually at my proofreaders right now, and will be sent to my newsletter subscribers near the end of July. If you want the story, then you’ll want to make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. It will be the only way to get the story. I hope you enjoy it!


      3. I’m litterally so excited about this I squeed! I’m obsessed with this series. I read death wind and it was amazing…. I am desperately waiting for the next book. How do we get the novella from Farrandells point of view? I’ve signed up for everything. Oh and that other novela with the beast looks very interesting! Please put me out of my misery and let me know how long we will have to wait for the next novel after death wind?


      4. It looks like you were sent the welcome emails with the links to download Elf Prince and Torn Curtains. I would check your email (and your junk folder). If you still can’t locate them, then please email me.

        The next novel, Troll Queen, is up for pre-order to release in April, 2021.


  2. These books are wonderful Tara. I can’t wait to read the next in the series. I’m so impressed by Farrendell and Essie’s sweet relationship. These are the best books I’ve read in the last year and I read at least five books a week. Wonderful job. I’ve been recommending it to many friends and rave about how well-written and sweet it is. Thank you for all your hard work.


  3. I love War Bound! I especially like the way Essie’s family embrace Farrendel. What a sweet book overall. The action at the end though. How gut-wrenching! Looking forward to the next book!


  4. I just joined Kindle unlimited and came across this series!! I usually read a book per day and managed these two books in a day and a half. I think what drew me in most was how you developed the charactors, Essie’s positive outlook, and the gradual yet meaningful love story. Who knew a hug was still so romantic?! The family dynamics were amazing especially the brothers. Thank you for what you do, and your creativity!


    1. Aww! I’m so glad you loved both books so much! Since I grew up with all brothers, I tend to really love writing stories that feature brother-sister relationships.


  5. I just finished book one and book two! So happy to have come across your series. Spent a sleepless night reading both but it was worth it. I am hoping you come up with series for Essie’s two brothers too. I would even vote yes on one for Avie and Paige. That seems like that series would be a great prequel to the one on Essie and Farrendel. I cannot wait until September.


  6. Oh my goodness!! I just listened to book one. It is SO GOOD! I listened to it again as soon as I finished! Like you said the narrator did a great job. Thank you so much for a wonderful story and I can’t wait for book two AND THREE (and any others there after) to come to audible!!!!
    I’ve already told my friends about this one. THANK YOU and don’t stop!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the audiobook! I’m hoping that books 2 and 3 will come out on audiobook close together, but that all depends on the virus situation. Since my narrator goes to a studio instead of having a studio at her home, narrating has been on hold until things are more settled.


  7. I love Fierce Heart more than I even can say! Please PLEASE get the audio books out for the next two books as soon as possible!! I can’t WAIT!!!!! 🙂
    I loved the narrator she did an awesome job!!
    Keep writing! It’s the best thing I have read in years and I have listened to it about five times already!
    Thank you so much. 🙂


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