Fierce Heart Paperbacks Available!

Happy holidays, everyone! For me, Christmas is only a week away! I LOVE Christmas. Fully decorated tree, lighted village, icicle lights on my house, the works. I go a little all out, lol. About the only part of Christmas I don’t do is baking. I’m not good at baking whatsoever. 

Paperbacks available!

I begged my lovely cover designer, and she very, very nicely came out of her maternity leave to do the paperback cover for Fierce Heart! If it is ordered on Amazon today, it will even arrive for Christmas! 

It is currently available on Amazon (you can check it out with this link!) It will be available on and other online book retailers shortly. They just take longer to get the book uploaded. 

Update on War Bound

Update on War BoundI just passed 30k words in War Bound, which means I’m nearing the half way point of the book! This book has been so much fun to write, and I can’t wait to get to the ending scenes! Farrendel and Essie are so adorable together!

I’m participating in a multiple author Facebook party. I’m taking over this afternoon! Please stop by and check out the fun! I’ll be posting about elves and elven conditioner and there will be giveaways and laughter. You won’t want to miss it! 

Click here to join the Facebook party!

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