Lots of Book Sales!

A number of author friends of mine have books on sale right now. So many good books to snag!

The Venatrix Chronicles

Sylvia Mercedes has her whole Venatrix series available at a discount (book 1 at $0.99, book 2 at $1.99, book 3 at $2.99) from now through November 10. I just started the first book, and I’m already loving it! You can snag it here!

A Wind from the Wilderness

This book is a fantasy set in the Crusades. Cool, right? A Wind from the Wilderness is Book 1 in the new Watchers of Outremer series. If you love stories full of dark magic, bloody warfare, and star-crossed love, then you’ll be spellbound by this sweeping historical fantasy! Find out more about it here!

No Man Can Tame

No Man Can Tame (Dark-Elves of Nightbloom Book 1) by [Honfleur, Miranda]

I don’t know this author personally, but I just read No Man Can Tame last week. It is the most steamy of any book on this list (FYI). But I am a sucker for elf-human marriage of convenience stories (my upcoming book Fierce Heart is one, after all). This book is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. With dark elves. Yeah, super cool. Today is the last day you can snag it for $.99.

Multi-Book Promos!

I’m participating in several multi-book promos this month. Since they are broader promos, I haven’t read most of the books participating in these promos. But they are a great way to find some new authors and try out a few books! Click on the links below to browse the promos!

Newsletter Freebie Books – This one is broader in genre and has some random romance and stuff.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Free Books – This one looks a bit more interesting with lots of fantasy books

Girls Rule Kindle Unlimited – This is all genres that are on Kindle Unlimited with a female main character.

Upcoming Releases!

Don’t forget that both of my upcoming releases Fierce Heart and Lost in Averell are both $.99 as a release special! Once they release, the price will go back up to $2.99, so don’t wait to snag them!

Fierce Heart is at the proofreaders’ right now, which has me biting my nails hoping my husband and wife proofreading team enjoy it! I’m also brainstorming book 2 for this series and, if I finish editing Lost in Averell within the next week or two, I’m hoping to still participate in NaNo. We’ll see how that goes!

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