Release Date!

I have release dates for my two upcoming releases, Lost in Averell and Fierce Heart! Actually, it is release date since I have decided to release both of them on the same day, November 27. That is only two months away! Yay!

They are also both now on Amazon for preorder!

Princess by Night series

When Amy’s high school crush stumbles through the portal to the fantasy land of Averell in her family’s basement, she sets out with her shape-shifting unicorn best friend to find him before he dies or sparks a war.

Releasing November 27, 2019

Preorder on Amazon

Elven Alliance Series

Essie would do anything for her kingdom…even marry an elf she just met that morning.

With impending war and tenuous alliances, it will be up to Essie to unite two peoples. And maybe get her hands on elven conditioner while she’s at it.

Releasing November 27, 2019

Preorder on Amazon

I am so excited to share both of these books with you!

2 thoughts on “Release Date!

    1. Hello, Lola!

      Unfortunately, I’ve run into troubles with the production of the remaining books. At first, the studio where the narrator records was closed due to being deemed unessential during Covid. Then, the narrator was diagnosed with a severe health issue and has spent the past few months regaining her health. Right now, the production of the audiobooks are on hold until I learn if/when the narrator is going to return to recording.

      The audiobook of my other book Lost in Averell did just release on Audible this past week.

      If you want to stay in the loop about what is happening with the audiobooks, I would suggest signing up for my newsletter. As you can see, I have more or less abandoned this blog. Instead, I have focused on my newsletter, which I send out twice a month. It has all the news about upcoming releases, along with a snippet from my work in progress, in each newsletter.


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