Beauty of Rosemead Release Day!

Happy release day to Beauty of Rosemead by Lucy Tempest!!!! I’ve been dying to read this book, which is the second half of this author’s Beauty and the Beast retelling duology and fifth in her Fairytales of Folkshore series. The first three books in the series are an Aladdin retelling and, while connected, you can read each part of the series by itself if you wish.

I adored the first four books in this series, and I can’t wait to dive into this book!

About the Book

Beauty of Rosemead: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Fairytales of Folkshore Book 5) by [Tempest, Lucy]

Beauty of Rosemead


​With everyone she loves at the mercy of fairies, Bonnie risks everything to cross the forbidden forest at the end of her world to reach them. She arrives in Faerie with unforeseen company, intending to resume the quest to break Leander’s curse.

The plan sounds simple enough: Cross every fairy court and bargain with the queen who cast the curse. But as their numbers dwindle, so do the petals of the rose counting down to Leander’s doom, and that of everyone bound to him.

​As they keep being dragged off course in the uncharted land of unpredictable magic and time, trials and revelations will test all bonds and unearth painful secrets, ones even her insatiable curiosity cannot withstand. But after all their struggles, will they reach the Spring Court in time? And what if Bonnie fails to negotiate with the queen?

How far will she go to save her beastly prince, before the last petal falls?

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​You can find out more about Lucy Tempest, her books, and where to find her on social media on her website:

​Thanks for reading my very first post on this blog!

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